A Second Chance
    (Kenneth "Tack" Chumbley)


    Then He went out . . . and came to His own country.

    Christ leaves the area around Capernaum and, for a second time since the start of His public ministry, returns to Nazareth —-- that “beautiful village in the mountain nest.”

    The Jews were proverbially narrow and bigoted. Between them and the Gentiles was a wide gulf. Samaria was so accursed that Jews traveling between Galilee and Judea would cross to the east side of the Jordan to avoid being contaminated by Samaria.

    But the spirit of Jesus was different. On His…

  • "Accept One Another"

        The backdrop of the book of Romans was a congregation made up of both Jews and Gentiles. In addition to this mix of peoples was the fact that the emperor of Rome kicked the Jews out of Rome for a time and then after his death they were allowed to return. These two factors caused many issues for the Christians as their backgrounds and traditions were much different. Jews were raised with the mindset of being God’s special people, close alliance to the law and its traditions. Gentiles came from a pagan background with less regard for the traditions…

  • Living with the Spirit
  • The Christian’s Fountain: The Holy Spirit
  • The Transformative Power of Prayer

    The Transformative Power of Prayer


    Prayer isn’t just a religious ritual but also a profound and intimate connection of humanity and the divine. It is an important and sacred conversation that shapes our spiritual walk and influences our lives in ways we could never imagine. As followers of Christ, we are called to embrace prayer as a transformative practice that rejuvenates and strengthens our faith, nurtures and grows our relationship with God, and impacts the lives of the people around us. I…

  • Bulletin June 25, 2023

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    (Craig Thomas)

    Many years ago, I received my undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences.  My specific area of interest in that broad category of science was dairy cows.  As an undergraduate I took a course in dairy cattle judging.  Every breed of dairy cattle has a breed association that oversees the continual development and promotion of that breed (e.g., Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, etc.).  Each breed association has what is called the "ideal cow" that possesses all the desired physical characteristics of that specific breed.  Each breed even has portraits and…

  • Walking in the Light, In a World of Darkness

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  • The Importance of Thoughts
    If you are concerned about your character, your conduct, your life and your destiny, THEN BE CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS. “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23). The heart is the mind, and the mind is the center of thoughts. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). A man may not be what he appears to be, but he is what he thinks.

    What goes into your mind, then, is extremely important. Be careful about the interests you acquire, the tastes you cultivate, the…

  • Clothes and Culture
    Everyone realizes that cultural factors DO influence our decisions about the clothes that we wear. For instance, a person living in America today would look odd wearing the kind of clothes that Jesus and the apostles wore — and vice versa. Cultural "norms' have clearly changed.

    The Scriptures show us that two elements ought to be considered as we make choices about our clothes. First, we have the absolutes of God's law. Throughout the Bible we find that something called "nakedness" is condemned. This is not complete nudity. The term is used to describe the display of certain parts…

  • Reaping the Sins of the Past
  • Isaiah’s Calling
  • High Above the Seraphim

    High Above the Seraphim

    To truly offer pleasing worship to our Lord, our lips, minds, and hearts must align in perfect harmony, and it is in this beautiful unity of spirit and truth that we find the essence of genuine worship. And what better way to achieve this than through the power of a great hymn deeply rooted in the scriptures? Such a hymn can take us on a profound journey, drawing out emotions not only from the words contained in its verses,…

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