• Don’t Give Up

    We have all been there.  Some call it being “down in the dumps.”  It’s the feeling we get, when it seems that nothing we attempt to do succeeds.  The lofty ambitions which once spurred us on. now seem unattainable.  We have failed.

    History is filled with examples of people who experienced big setbacks, but who went on trying and achieved great success in the end.  At Fort Necessity, during the French and Indian War, a young officer was forced to capitulate to the enemy.  But George Washington is not usually remembered as the man who surrendered to France.  Thomas…


    (Kevin Maxey)
    As Paul gave his defense before the angry Jewish mob at the temple, he spoke of his zeal, conversion and mission to preach the gospel of Christ to the Gentiles.  He explained that the Lord told him, "'I will send you far from here to the Gentiles.' And they listened to him until this word, and then they raised their voices and said, 'Away with such a fellow from the earth, for he is not worthy to live!'" (Acts 22:21-22).

  • Bulletin April 2, 2023

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  • Though Your Sins be as Scarlet
  • Power of Context
  • What Is Religion To You?

        I was asked recently, “What is religion to you?” and had to think about it for some time before giving an answer. After some deliberation I finally came up with the answer.

        Religion to most everyone is confusing. Have you ever thought about how many different religions there are? Some people worship God, others follow the doctrines of men, some relate to the weather for direction, others give their allegiance to animals, and yes, some people worship themselves. Some believe in one god and others are convinced that there are many gods. Even the way in which people worship…

  • Saul, Silence and Christ

    Silence... peaceful solitude, where for a moment in time there is nothing around but the bliss of silence.

    In the hours that proceeded the death of King Saul, he is found in a distraught, almost insane state of mind. (1 Samuel 28) Although chosen by God, the decisions in his life had left him bereft of any comforts from God. The harp of David was the only relief that would bring respite from his evil spirits. Yet, the jealousy and envy of Saul drove even this moment of peace out of his presence, as if David was the most…

  • Cleanliness, Godliness
    For a parent to require a child to wash his face and keep his body clean and not require him to learn and obey the Bible, is to teach him the body is worth more than a pure heart and clean spirit. For a parent to require a child to learn spelling and reading and not require him to study the Bible is to teach him that it is much more important to be qualified to live in this world than to be fitted to live in heaven.
  • Bulletin March 26, 2023

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  • A practical guide to overcoming temptation
  • Lessons in Logic
  • How’s Your Night Vision?

    One afternoon while I was playing a video game, I saw an item that stuck out to me: an in-game guidebook with the description, “A guiding light to those who seek knowledge; a blinding light to those who refuse it.” As Christians, we are called to be the “light of the world,” (Mt. 5:14) but light can hinder sight just as much as it reveals things. We should be seeking to guide, but at times, it will be unavoidable that we blind those who are not interested in coming into the light.

    Why does Christ’s light so often blind,…


    (by R.J. Evans)

    There is a song that has always impressed me every time we sing it.  It starts in the first stanza expressing an attitude of selfishness---"All of self and none of thee."  With each stanza there is improvement; the second stanza speaks of "Some of self and some of Thee."  The third improves even more by talking of "Less of self and more of Thee."  But the forth leads up to the unselfish attitude we should all have toward God by…

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