• How to Write a Bible Study
    Do you struggle with writing a Bible study or blog? Are you looking for a place to start, but you're unsure where God is leading you? In this video, I give a few quick tips for writing Bible studies that have helped me for Y E A R S.
  • The Why Behind You
    Pain. Trauma. Unresolved issues. Emotional attachments. Negative or hurtful life experiences. Negative relationship cycles.  The “why” behind us is different for all of us. Sometimes, we’re carrying two or three of the things I listed above—other things, maybe one. The point is that none of us are exempt from experiencing difficulties that often leave emotional scars.  Scars […]
  • Woman to Woman: Intro & Welcome
    It’s time we sit down and talk woman to woman. There are hindrances in our lives and in our pasts that prevent us from being in healthy community with ourselves, other women, and God Himself. The “Woman to Woman” series hosts learning sessions & a virtual community to women who are serious about working through […]
  • Woman to Woman Series
      Next week, we’re launching a new series called “Woman to Woman” that will encourage our community of women to have honest, authentic conversations with one another to help us reflect and grow. Women need one another more than the world would like us to think, but true sisterhood exists when women are healthy (physically […]
  • Underneath What’s Frozen
      Saturday morning, my husband and I went on a frigid walk through one of our favorite trails. The ecosystem used to be full of life, with lush green grass that swayed in the summer wind and ponds that were home to exotic ducks and swans. But on this particular morning, stubs of shrubbery and […]
  • Happy 2022
    The new year has come as a refreshing time against the backdrop of a global pandemic, personal life changes, and anything else that finds itself twirling around you like a whirlwind. The onset of the new year presents numerous reasons for us gripped by fear, but God is our Anchor and Hope. The beginning of […]
  • International Women’s Day

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  • Women of Grace Series: Ep 2Grace, Growth, & Pursuing Personal Passion
    In this episode, I sit down with Shawna Bean whose from Indiana but now lives in PA. We chat about what it looks like giving grace to yourself as a young woman of God, authenticity, and how self-love is deeply aligned with self-care.
  • Advent Day Twenty: Glory to God
    “Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”
  • Advent Day Nineteen: No Room
    Unlikely circumstances are often the circumstances God uses to birth blessings into our lives.
  • Advent Day Eighteen: Blessed is she who believed
    Despite her confusion, Mary agreed with the prophecy and plan over her life! Despite her confusion, Mary agreed with the prophecy and plan over her life! Will you agree with the Lord about the audacious, humanly impossible, spiritually sacred, divine, and monstrous plan He has for your life? Will you say yes to God? I believe the Lord is still looking for women and men to say rejoice in saying yes to the favor the Lord seeks to bestow upon them.
  • Advent Day Seventeen: It Came To Pass
    There are things in your life that you're waiting for, and it could be this week, month, or next year when God looks out over you and says with joy, "now it came to pass." When He does, it will be a measure of His faithfulness and His perfect timing.
  • Advent Day Sixteen: Sing & Shout!
    Back in Zephaniah, God told the people to sing and shout! Why? Because Jesus was coming. I love that God wanted His people to rejoice, even in their waiting, because what they waited for was absolutely on its way. No, they couldn't see it, but every child born was one child closer to the boy King that would soon change the whole world.
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