• Bulletin August 20, 2023

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    (Albert Brown)

    Probably the most well-known verse in the Bible besides John 3:16 is Matthew 7:1. If anyone knows anything at all about the Bible they have probably memorized this verse. This is the verse where Jesus is quoted as saying, “Judge not, that ye be not judged” (ASV). For those who are caught in a sin this verse is their rallying point. They know that all they have to do with many Christians is to point to this verse and say, “You can't judge me!” They take comfort…

  • Bulletin August 13, 2023

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  • For You Have Promised . . . Do I Believe?

    For You Have Promised . . . Do I Believe?

    In the second temptation of Christ as recorded in the gospel of Matthew
    (4:5-7), Satan takes Jesus to a high temple and provokes him by saying, “If
    you are the son of God you can jump from here. For it is written ‘He shall
    command his angels concerning you and, on their hands, they shall bear
    you up.’ ”
    As I was growing up, I knew this as sin, because its source was the mouth of
    the accuser. The problem is that Satan is not always so easy to be perceived.

  • Genesis Genealogy

    Genesis Genealogy

    The records of genealogy in the Bible are often the parts that we skip over.  The names are confusing, hard to pronounce, all of the “begats” start to run together, and honestly -- it’s just not that interesting.  But there are a few parts of Genesis, where the genealogy helps explain other passages in the Bible, and I’ve found them to be very interesting. We read in Jude that Enoch was a prophet who declared that God would execute judgment on the ungodly: …

  • Bulletin August 6, 2023

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    (Bill Crews)

    How Did Jesus Prove The Resurrection Of The Dead?

    The Sadducees, concentrated at Jerusalem and represented especially among the Jewish Levitical priests, were the liberal religious party among the Jews in the first century. They differed from the Pharisees by believing “that there is no resurrection, neither angel, nor spirit” (Acts 23:8). The Sadducees consistently denied both the existence of spirits and the reality of a coming resurrection. If humans are spiritual beings as well as physical beings, if physical death does not bring…

  • How Joseph Resisted Temptation
    Joseph stands as a worthy role model on how to resist temptation. We have in mind the episode when he was seduced by Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39:6-14). It is obvious that Joseph was susceptible to the temptation, but he kept himself from sin. He did so by:
    1. Resisting the temptation from the very beginning.
      "Joseph was handsome in form and appearance ... (and) his master's wife cast longing eyes on Joseph, and she said, "Lie with me." But he refused …”
    2. He remembered his loyalty to his master,and did not want to wrong him. But, most of all,…
  • Encouraged by Example

        This past week I witnessed kids of all ages attend Vacation Bible School to worship God and to learn about how they can be "Serving One Another." It was amazing to see young men anxiously wanting to be picked to lead a prayer or to see a little one excited as they recited the Memory Verse of the week with ease. Seeing their enthusiasm and excitement to learn about God shows that we have many young people who will continue to grow in their love towards serving the Lord.

        You may have heard this phrase spoken about young people…

  • On Patience and Perspective:Thoughts from Ecclesiastes

    On Patience and Perspective:Thoughts from Ecclesiastes

    I once heard it said, that “patience is simply the art of concealing your
    impatience.” Most of us will recognize the humor in that statement
    because, if you’re anything like me, impatience is an oft reoccurring
    struggle. Finding patience, being patient and staying patient can be
    frustrating, discouraging and sometimes just downright hard.
    Sound familiar? I would guess that it does. And even if you don’t
    necessarily wrestle with impatience to the same degree I do, I’d suspect
    most can relate or think of a time in the recent past where patience proved

  • ‘He Restrained Them Not’
    Do you think juvenile delinquency is an evil that is peculiar to our day? If so, then you would do well to read your Bible, particularly such passages as are found in the book of First Samuel.

    Eli was judge in Israel and a priest of the living God. When he grew old, instead of his children being a source of joy to that religious leader of olden days, they caused him much heartache and grief. After Eli had heard of the almost unimaginable sins which his sons committed—as recorded in First Samuel 2:22—he said unto them, “Why do…

  • What Might Have Been
    How painful is the thought expressed by one of the great poets, John Greenleaf Whittier: "For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: `It might have been!"'

    Many a person has thrown away his life in drug addiction, (including alcohol). Numerous are those who have thrown away their marriages by becoming involved with others. Parents have often lost their children by neglecting them, or even granting them excessive freedom. Many are those who have thrown away a good name by some ungodly behavior. Do you not suppose that a vast majority of these later…

  • Lost Generations

    Lost Generations


    The Israelites were in the wilderness, poised to march into Canaan, The Promised Land. Their conquest was imminent, their victory sure. God had been alongside them all through the desert, putting on awesome displays of power. The mightiest army in the world, the Egyptians, had been humbled at His hands. The Canaanites were trembling in fear at their arrival. All the Israelites had to do was put their lives in God’s hands, believe in his promises, reach out and take it.

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