We've partnered with some surrounding Christian owned businesses to assist us in our business development efforts in certain areas.

We pray that if they fit any of your business needs that you'll reach out to them.

Business Branding & Development, Bridgeport, CT

The TAG Firm is a complete business solution designed at our core to be the ultimate source for all business development needs. By focusing on more professional communication with clients, stronger developmental best practices, more innovative approaches on product development, and a better understanding of all facets of business structure the TAG Firm provides a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

The TAG Firm specializes in problem solving using innovative technology and business ideologies to give our customers access to effective answers, tools, and solutions needed to propel their businesses towards growth and sustainability.

Women's Ministry & Event Planning, Bridgeport, CT

To Be Praised is a community of women who study God’s Word, cultivate self-leadership skills, and are driven to fulfilling God’s purposeful design in their respective lives. Founded in 2012, To Be Praised has inspired and assisted women through curated Bible studies, motivational podcasts, and online engagement to live up to the colorful, scriptural, and exciting standard of womanhood.

To Be Praised envisions a global network of women unified through the Word of God, creating authentic sisterhood, empowered and inspired to accomplish their personal calling.