Thoughts on I Peter 3: 8-12

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The entirety of Psalm 34 reassures God’s oppressed people that He can deliver them. No matter how poor, oppressed, or downtrodden His people are, God is the ultimate deliverer and provides a refuge liken none other. The psalmist does not assume peace would automatically be given, but that peace would come by action. Some of the action verbs in this psalm include magnify, seek, look, cry, fear, listen, desire, turn away, and take refuge. Paul wrote to Christians in Romans 14:19 telling them to “make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.” Now – in the midst of suffering – Peter’s audience wanted relief and harmony with the world, and Peter gave them a way to achieve peace. He urged his readers to have an active strategy that could result in goodwill between them and the world. This strategy required constant restraint, moral living, to do good, and to seek peace. Even if men still persecuted and harmed them, the result of having such a strategy could end in ultimate peace – the inheritance of God’s blessing.

Excerpt from Drawing Out: I & II Peter & Jude

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