1523. Dr. O. J. Heyward- The Danger & Deception of Legalism part 2

36th Annual Northeastern Lectureship- Hosted by Harlem Church of Christ. 9/27/17. Dr. O.J. Shabazz requests a meeting in 2018 with various gospel preachers to discuss their differences in the content of this message. Prayerfully, the results of that meeting will be shared with the members world wide. *side note*- Someone commented on part 1 and asked, "Why does he have Dr. in his name" After listening to 30 mins of preaching that was the take home message? This is exactly what the message is about. Having Dr. or not having Dr. is A NON ESSENTIAL to salvation! My friend Lynn Davis is Dr. Lynn Davis. We all know she is our sister and we can say Sis. Davis, but we are not going to be banned from heaven if we call her or him Dr.! Keep the main thing the main thing. Let's stop this foolishness. Souls need to be saved. Respectfully, Patricia Maxwell (PkTeeMax-Preacher's Kid Trish Maxwell)- The K should be D for daughter. I'm grown :-) God bless you all.

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